Team Fiesty

Bike MS Pedal to the Point is six months away! Fundraising is going well for people and team members are buying new bicycle’s (Yay Sarah)!

We all know who we’re riding for, Mrs. Holly Fiest and I’ll have a post more about her later but we all probably know additional people with MS or know people who have relatives with MS.

I myself know three additional people with MS; my brother-in-law’s brother, my coworker’s sister and an acquaintance from Kent, her father has MS. It’s definitely more common than most of think.

Wonder Where the funds go?

  • The Society has committed $40 million to support 325 new or ongoing projects in our discovery research portfolio
  • The Society’s scholarship program awarded over $1 million to 639 scholars. Scholarships were awarded to students living in families with MS or to students who have MS themselves.
  • Locally, the Ohio Buckeye Chapter served over 11,000 people living with MS.
  •  The Ohio Buckeye Chapter provided direct financial assistance to 525 individuals, medical equipment loans to 218 individuals, home modification assistance to 30 individuals, home cooling and personal cooling devices to 83 individuals.
  • 78 percent of funds raised go to programs and education and 22 percent goes to administration and fundraising.

We’re all in this together – we’re a community coming together for a common goal and the accomplishment of a unique personal challenge, as a team and as individuals along with the other 5,000+ participants.





MS is known as Multiple Sclerosis and it attacks the central nervous system. The CNS includes the brain spinal cord and optic nerves and symptoms vary from person to person. The cause of MS is still unknown but with events like Bike MS, the MS Walk and other events, people affected by MS and their family and friends.

Approximately 400,000 people have MS and every week, more than 200 people are diagnosed. Worldwide, MS affects 2.1 million people. Factors doctors have determined what causes the disease – these are gender, genetics, age, geography and ethnic background.

MS is an autoimmune disease and affects women (2-3 times more) than men. People are typically diagnosed between 20 and 50 but children and teens can be diagnosed too. It’s more common in people who live in more northern parts of the world, farther away from the equator and occurs in most ethnic groups.

Check out the National MS Society for more info.


Team Fiesty has nine members so far! Welcome to the team Heather, Jay and Matt! Since we all don’t know each other in real life yet, here’s some info about the team members.(Feel free to let me know to add more information!)

Jeff, team captain (second from left) – Oldest of the Humble children. Married, three kids – a new baby born Dec. 28, 2011 and dog Chloe. Cycles to work when he can. Participated in Bike MS in 2010 and POHR 2011.

Adam (far left) – second oldest Humble, has two little girls and a dog named Brody. He is interested in running a marathon. Maybe Andy and Heather can provide some tips. Participated in Bike MS 2010.

Andy (far right) – Third oldest and all around freak of nature. Completed his first marathon in 2011, the Columbus Marathon and qualified for Boston. Who does that?  Andy does. Participated in Bike MS 2010 and POHR 2011. He also has the best girlfriend ever. Owner of Abbey, the saddest dog.

Sarah (second from right) – Youngest Humble, now Volkert, and newlywed! She lives in GA with her husband Nik and two cats, Boris and Natasha. Ran the Georgia half marathon for Team in Training.

Nik – Husband to Sarah and best friend of Jeff. Originally from Idaho.

Heather – Marathoner, local celebrity, blogger and all-around awesome friend! Wife of Jay and mother of C, Diddy and Biggie.

Jay – Husband of Heather, competitive Pictionary player and beer aficionado.

Matt – Marathoner, blogger and 2011 Bike MS participant.

Teammates, if I missed anything and you want more posted about you, let me know! Once we have a final team, I’ll do another round of Who’s Who.

Totally stealing this from Heather: What do you want to know about your teammates?

Jeff, Holly’s oldest son took the initiative and created Team Fiesty for Bike MS Pedal to the Point. Here are event details.

Dates: Sat.-Sun. August 4-5, 20120

Five route options:

  • 30 miles – Saturday only
  • 75 miles – Saturday only
  • 100 miles – Saturday only
  • 150 miles – Saturday-Sunday
  • 175 miles – Saturday-Sunday

The longest route, 175 miles, includes an extra 25 miles known as the Kent Clapp Extra Lap. From what I heard from the Humble brothers, the Kent Clapp Extra Lap is uphill, uphill, uphill and more uphill. I’m sure it doesn’t compare to County Road 6 from the Pan Ohio Hope Ride. If I can tackle County Rd. 6 on a blazing hot day at the end of July, you can do the Kent Clapp Lap. Think of how awesome you’ll feel after cycling 100 miles.

Start/Finish: Brunswick High School 3581 Center Rd, Brunswick, Ohio 44212

Registration fees: 

  • Through Jan. 31: $20
  • Feb. 1 – April 30: $45
  • May 1 – June 15: $60
  • June 16 – July 31: $75

Minimum fundraising: $250

Both myself and Jeff have joined Team Fiesty. If you’re a NEW rider to Bike MS, use the promo code NEWRIDER2012 and registration is free (I’m pretty sure).

Once we have a solid team, we can work out carpooling and those fun details.

Welcome to Team Fiesty Fights MS!

Team Fiesty was born this summer after my boyfriend’s family found out their mom was diagnosed with MS. Andy and his brothers have participated in the Ohio Buckeye chapter National MS Society’s Bike MS a couple of years but this past summer, Andy, his oldest brother Jeff and myself cycled in the Pan Ohio Hope Ride, a 328 mile, 4 day cycling event from Cleveland to Cincinnati. I had never participated in anything like that before and a couple of half marathon’s were the only endurance events I participated in. I got a hybrid bicycle for my birthday in February and wasn’t quite sure what I was in for.

I’ll recap the POHR 2011 in a later post but wanted to mention it because after cycling for four days straight, I know I can do Bike MS Pedal to the Point and even do the extra 25 miles on day 1.

Here’s photo of me, Andy and Jeff from POHR.

We can now register teams so if you want to be part of Team Fiesty, please let me know by Sunday, Feb. 19. Also, we want to find a sponsor, so if there are suggestions, please leave in comments or send an email to

Happy reading and I’ll update soon!